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I recently got my eyes tested and the optician confirmed what I had definitely suspected - that the dreaded middle-aged deterioration of my eyesight had been fast over the last couple of years.  To the extent that she's booked me for another check next year instead of the two years that's normal.  Anyhow, I got a new prescription for my varifocals and a new pair of close-work glasses (I was already long-sighted, and I'd been really struggling with the little stuff).  To my delight, this meant being able to pick up my embroidery again!  I had a design which was really only waiting for finishing off, and over the last three days, I've done exactly that!

I'm considering doing some small cross-stitch patterns for cards and decorations too.  However, I have a watercolour of the Arizona desert by a Native Indian and this embroidery to get framed too, so I might take a trip to Hobbycraft soon.
But I've started thinking about Christmas gifts, because now that my employment is sporadic, I can use time rather than money for presents.  My first make is for my stepgrandson, who will be two at the end of the year, so will need two offerings rather than just one.  I found a pattern for a replica of a Prince George Christmas photo sweater, and went for it.  Very very happy other than it's come up a bit big (but hurrah, children grow!)

I've made a couple of jumpers recently - one as a present and one for me to keep.  The Wonder Woman sweater was received well, although I wasn't terribly pleased with the yarn I chose (good colour, but not really the chunky weight it was sold as) and it knitted up much more sloppily than I intended, despite having done a gauge square.

On the other hand, I'm absolutely delighted with the sweater I made for myself.  The pattern doesn't have a name, only a number, but I got it as a freebie from Deramores with a yarn that was on offer.  It knits up quickly, and would have been even quicker had I not failed miserably to change needles at an appropriate point when knitting the front and done 100 rows of pattern at the wrong gauge (DOH!).  Frogging that back and restarting probably added 20 hours of knitting.  Still, it's all been worth it and considering that I was using a variegated yarn, I'm particularly proud of having got the sleeves to match beautifully.

A quick and easy knit whilst I wait for some new circular needles for a bigger project.  These are again in the bamboo viscose/cotton mix, as I had just a little left over.  I improvised a bit with the pattern, starting with a pattern to get the sole and upper, but then added a rib leg, as the original had a cutout and buttoned ankle strap, which I didn't want to include.  Knitted on 3.75mm needles.